Frequently Asked Questions

professional carpet & upholstery cleaner

Commercial grade, effortlessly removes the toughest stains or your money back guaranteed.

professional carpet & upholstery cleaner

What features does the Aqua Pro Vac include?

This commercial grade vacuum cleaner / spray extractor includes all the tools you need to clean upholstery, carpets and the interior of a vehicle. It has a detergent spray pump that releases detergent directly from the handle to the carpet. It also comes with a steel floor wand and hand wand along with an upholstery tool. An extension rod is included to help you reach hard-to-get-to spots. There are also two separate compartments; one for clean solution and one for dirty water. These compartments are removable, so they're easy to empty or fill.

What type of cleaning solution can I use in the Aqua Pro Vac?

You can use any brand of liquid or powdered non-foaming carpet cleaning detergent.

What is the process for cleaning upholstery and carpets?

First, you need to vacuum the carpet or upholstery to remove any particles like dust or debris. Spot clean the upholstery or carpet first to make sure that the spot doesn't show signs of color fading, if it does then the area shouldn't be wet cleaned. If no fading occurs proceed with the cleaning process by using the appropriate cleaning tool, either the floor wand for carpet or upholstery tool for upholstery. Do not clean the carpet or upholstery more than twice in one session because carpets can shrink if they get too wet and aren't properly tacked down.

How do I clean concentrated stains in upholstery or carpet?

If you're dealing with a heavy duty stain then it's recommended to first spot clean the stain with a concentrated cleaning solution before doing an overall clean with the Aqua Pro Vac. This will give you greater success of removing the stain completely.

Can I use the Aqua Pro Vac to clean stairs?

Yes, this vacuum cleaner comes with a stair / upholstery tool that makes it easy for you to keep carpeting on stairs looking clean and new.

When I'm done using the Aqua Pro Vac how do I clean it out?

When you're done cleaning the carpet, upholstery or stairs grab the spray nozzle and hold it over the removable recovery tank on the vacuum cleaner and hold down the trigger to release the remaining solution until it is empty. Then switch off the pump and disconnect the spray hose. Next, disconnect the vacuum hose. Empty the solution tank and recovery tank and rinse clean. Then clean off nozzles and hoses with water and put the Aqua Pro Vac away until its next use.